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We believe that economic and socially responsible activities go hand in hand.  wbw hotels are therefore actively supporting a school, a sports club and a facility for homeless young people right here in Essen.  There are a countless number of such projects worldwide, and we have decided to become involved right here on our doorstep.  Here we can witness at first hand the changes we can make, which is something that drives us forward.


We support the PTA of the Maria-Wächtler Secondary School.  A good education is important to all of us. Public funds are scarce and becoming more and more limited.  Purchases of items such as computers and other learning materials are the foundation of a good education.



We also support the VfL Sportfreunde 07 football club.  More than 250 children are now members of this club, playing actively in youth teams.  Funds for jerseys and the maintenance of match operations are limited.  Unlike in previous times, many clubs now find it difficult to survive financially and are beginning to disappear, as sponsors of smaller clubs are pulling back more and more.



And since 2009 we have been supporting the Raum_58 facility in Essen.  Homeless girls and boys between the ages of 14 and 21 can find shelter for the night here, some warm clothing and a hot meal.  Raum_58 is for young people who have flown (or were made to fly ...) the nest, and who are looking for a safe place to stop over.  On top of that, the staff at Raum_58 are offering a new perspective to the castaways.  Many of the youngsters may have left school before completing their education, which could add to their difficulties within the family - and drugs might also be causing problems.  To find new paths, and make a new beginning - the Raum_58 team is able to help.



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